GDPR Compliance

Our commitment : a GDPR compliant tool

Pandabots relies on a network of legal experts working closely with our engineers in order to carry out an audit of the service’s global functioning and to undertake the necessary corrective measures. Every update of the tool is reviewed, from the first steps to the practical implementation.

The service that we offer deals necessarily with personal data. By placing privacy at the heart of our product’s conception, we provide our customers and end users with sufficient guarantees from the very beginning and all along our relationship.

Of course, we carry out a systematic regulatory watch to anticipate legislation changes.

Our concrete actions for Pandabots

– We have updated Our Privacy Policy.
– We have appointed a Data Protection Officer , whose mission is to ensure and to coordinate all the GDPR compliance procedures.
– We carry out compliance audits, several times a year.
– We consider GDPR compliance a decisive standard in the choice of our providers, who must provide a high standard of guarantees in terms of data protection.
– We have established a register of processing operations and a document of compliance.
– We have set up a series of strict rules on user’s personal data protection, such as the definition of the data retention period, the extent of the data collected, the exercise of data subject’s rights…

That being said, the tool’s compliance does not exempt our customers from their responsibility regarding the use of the tool ! The latter are fully and solely responsible for the use that may be made. It belongs to our customers to ensure the use of the bot they administrate is GDPR compliant. We are working on a series of tips and guidelines to help you in your efforts to become compliant.

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