Increase direct orders for your restaurant.

No more waiting in line for your customers… take orders (or pre-orders) in Messenger or other messaging platforms. It’s fast, and fun!

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Turn followers into customers

A customer experience like never before – frictionless, instant and conversational – your shop interacts with the customer directly, on and within the platform for their choice

Experience it as a customer

Initiate ordering

Customers can engage through your Messenger, or a simple click on sponsored posts, or a swipe up on your stories.


Your outlet talks your customer through the order – all automated! It helps them select the dishes and/or any variation of their choice.

Checkout focused

Reduce the path to purchase… Customers order and pay right within the same interface – no websites to redirect, no apps to download.

Grow & Amplify your reach


Increase engagement and word-of-mouth virality

Leverage impulse buying behavior

Run limited time offers and grow your sales

Connect and sell to a wider base

With Pandabots you can sell from any post on your Facebook Page or directly in Messenge. You can also enable Pandabots on your website as a chatbox, or within your blog. Sell via influencers and so much more!

Power packed features

Give your customers a new way of ordering food

Know your customer

Pandabots remembers your customer’s details and auto suggests them preferred address and payments option for a one click checkout.

Secure payments in Messaging

Payment details are securely tokenized and enabled by industry leading payment partners so your customers trust you.

Speak in your language

Customise and translate messages, emails and all touch points to any language, brand tone with text and emojis.

Offer coupons and discounts

Attract and incentivise customers with coupon codes, prompt to purchase more with variable, time-limited discounts.

Digitized menu

Upload menus for delivery, takeout, and dining. Let your customers access location specific menus.

Location relevance

One chatbot can take care of all locations belonging to a restaurant. Let customers select their preferred location.

Re-engage customers

Send personalized messages to the customers who have forgotten you and rekindle their interest in your products.

Referral system

Give incentives your customers for sharing your product with their friends and family. Increase your organic growth!

Facebook Ads

Redirect potential customers to Messenger when they click an Ad and increase conversion rate by up to 40%!

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